Fashion story for tmrw magazine, Fantasy issue 45

Supernatural voyeurs, Human and Deity, have been staring at each other for millennia, foolishly thinking they found god, attracted to what they lack.
All until their eyes meet. Their dimensions collapse. Mournful despair turns into utter fascination. It’s a new realm.
Now, aware of each other's existence, they realise that neither and both of them are holy. The universe allowed a paradox. When ready, they’ll enter the Gate of Truth to ascend from purgatory into the future.

Creative Direction: @_brzezicka & Gabriel Monteregge
Photographer: Gabriel Monteregge
Photographer Assistant: Clyde Cronin
Models: @nnaccant @mecha._.mew
Styling: @iamaliceice
Make-up: @miabeckhelling
Hair: @http.8008135.ch
Set Design: @a_ekss
Set Design Assistant: @lottie_bentham