Fashion story 

I Wound 
Often, we don’t know where our wounds come from, unable to name only one source. Trapped into grand landscapes, squeezed into confined spaces, the wounded ponders fate, affected by an incurable disease. Away from society’s gaze, he tries to find places to exist limitlessly.

II Heal
Finally, wandering freely, he sees projections of his emotional states and reflections of possibilities. It’s not an easy task - breaking through the shell of what we think is us with pain for a company. The wounded comes back with no cure but hope. He’s unable to heal himself as the wound he carries is a human condition

III Healer
Now that he has accepted his wounds, he returns to the outside. Still in pain, because of and despite it, he dedicates himself to the service of souls. There’s no vanity but a humble desire to make use of his talents for anyone that would accept them..

Creative Director: @_brzezicka and Gabriel Monteregge
Photographer: Gabriel Monteregge
Model: @honkytonkang3l
Stylist: @eliseshauna
Stylist Assistant: @lenaangelides
MUA: @vivianemelomua